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New to You Book: Cozy Mystery – Finders Keepers Losers Die with a Prize!

April 10, 2014

Welcome to  Carolyn Scott, author of Finders Keepers Losers Die, today’s New to You Book pick!

What is your book about?

Murder, mayhem, and more shady characters than she found in Hollywood are turning bit-part actress Cat Sinclair from a crappy secretary into a powerhouse in the P.I. business. If only someone would inform her boss. When Will Knight refuses to take the case of a jilted wife who’s only after what’s rightfully hers, Cat decides to help her on the side. But when the ex-husband turns out to be a mobster, and dead, Cat needs all her acting skills to keep her stressed-out but sexy boss from learning of her involvement. And to keep the killer from coming after her.

What type of reader would your book appeal to most?

Readers of humorous mysteries with romantic elements.Finders Keepers Losers Diers Cozy Mystery cover

Who is the main character? What does he or she want or what is his or her biggest struggle to over come?

Cat Sinclair used to be an actress. She’s taken a job as a secretary in a PI firm back home but hates it. She’s so bored. She wants to become a fully fledged PI, so she takes on a case that starts out simple but turns into a nightmare. She needs to prove to her boss, and herself, that she can do it, otherwise she’ll never get out of her dead-end job.

What movies or other books would you compare your book to and why?

Stephanie Plum novels. Although my book has humour, there are grittier elements, swearing, and characters with attitude. It’s not your Grandma’s cozy mystery.

What plot line drives the story?

Cat must solve a case that starts out as a husband vs wife domestic, but winds up being a murder case. She wants to help the down-trodden wife, but to do so, she gets embroiled in the murder investigation.

How is your book different than other books in the same genre?

Cat has a unique perspective. She uses her acting skills to wiggle out of tight situations, or to learn more information from witnesses and the police. She’s got an attitude problem which she’s trying to control, and a somewhat mischievous sense of humor.

Does your book have romance in it? If so how important is it to the story?

Yes! Cat’s boss, Will, is sexy and hot, but he’s stressed out and overworked, especially since his secretary doesn’t do her job well. He has an aversion to taking on domestic cases, but Cat wants to help a poor woman get back what was hers from her husband. Despite their frequent clashes, Cat and Will are inevitably attracted to one another. It makes for a fiery workplace and, er, bedroom.

Is your book part of a series? If so what are the other books (in order) in the series and will there be more?

Yes, it’s the 1st full length novel in the Cat Sinclair Mystery series. By the end of March, there will also be a short prequel (I’m hoping to make this free) and a 2nd full-length novel. I have another slated for later this year. The stories in order are (or will be): #0.5 LIVE AND LET LIE #1 FINDERS KEEPERS LOSERS DIE #2 EENY MEANY MINY DIE

If your book is part of a series, what makes it a series?

Cat’s ongoing quest to work as a PI is a constant, as are the secondary characters in her life – her best friend, her mother, a sexy one-eyed cop with an attitude as bad as Cat’s, and of course Will, her boss.

If your book is part of a series, should readers read the books in order?

Yes. Although the prequel isn’t necessary, it does give an insight into Cat’s life before she left LA and moved back home and got a “real” job. I recommend reading books 1 and 2 in order.

Where can readers get your book and when?

Finders Keepers Losers Die is already available from all major ebook retailers: Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, Smashwords. The paperback is also available from Amazon and B&N.

Find Carolyn at her web site or on Facebook! Get your own copy of Finders Keepers Losers Die at Amazon now.

To be entered to win either an ebook or paperback copy of Finders Keepers Losers Die – the ebook to an international winner, and either the ebook or paperback to a US reader (winner’s choice) just leave a comment below by April 30, 2014 U.S. central time.

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