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Recipe: Easter Bunny Cake

April 8, 2017

We LOVED this bunny cake when I was young. I remember when my sister and I first discovered it. We thought we were SO cutting edge and talented. LOL. Now though it has become the THING to make when we get together over Spring Break/Easter.

The actual Bunny Cake isn’t so much a recipe as instructions. You can use a box mix, your favorite white or yellow cake recipe or… carrot. 🙂

You bake your cake in two round pans. When done, let cool and then turn out onto racks. When completely cool, place one whole cake onto a flat moveable surface like a baking sheet, board, etc. Position in middle of sheet, leaving room for ears above and bow tie below.


Cut the second round cake so you have two bunny ears and a bowtie. Roughly like the pattern below.


Place ears above already placed round cake and bowtie below.

Frost the whole thing with white or colored frosting. Add coconut to make him “furry.” And add green-tinted coconut around him for grass. Decorate with gumdropsps, jelly beans and licorice to make his face, add polka dots to his tie, whatever! Have fun with it and make sure you let the kids join in.

 Or cheat and buy this pan… buy WHY would you want to do that?

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