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Set in the Missouri Ozarks, the Looking for Love books are a fun and heartwarming look at small town romance and the characters who make small towns great.

Love is All Around, small town romance

Book One: Love is All Around

Patsy Lee Clark knows what she wants – out of Daisy Creek and away from everything country. That is until Will Barnes rolls back into her life. This bad boy from her past spent fourteen years making up for teenage mistakes. Now he’s ready for a fresh beginning.

The harder Patsy tries to escape her Ozark roots, the more Will reminds her of what makes them special.

The harder Will tries to start over, the more Patsy and her family get in his way.

Can Will convince Patsy they belong together in Daisy Creek or will she follow her dreams and leave him and the Ozarks forever?

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Love is All You Need, book 2 Looking for Love series

Book Two: Love is All You Need

Del Montgomery left southern Missouri in her rear view window years ago with no intention of looking back. And she didn’t.

But when her boss comes to her saying her dream of becoming one of the elite at his prestigious auction house could be true, if she would just locate one piece of legendary art pottery, she can’t turn him down.

Even if that means returning to a past she had no intention of visiting again—ever.

Sam Samson knows a fake when he sees one, even covered in curves and wearing “do-me-now” shoes. This so-called city girl may think she has the small town auctioneer fooled with her story of a pig collection she’s looking to expand, but Sam knows there’s more to her than a hankering for hog baubles.

And Sam has a hankering too, for the very piece of pottery that Del is hunting, and maybe Del herself.

Buy at: Amazon/Kindle, Smashwords (multiple formats including PDF), Barnes & Noble/Nook

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